The Fine Art Studio of San Antonio is a small studio in Alamo Heights offering classes in drawing, oil painting, watercolor and pastels.  We offer classes to teens and adults no matter their level of experience.  We teach using three basic concepts found in the classic tradition:  line, value and color.  Through exercises and demonstrations, students will develop skills & techniques to become independent artists. Classes are purposely kept small to favor individualized instruction. Students learn at their own pace in a non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere.  The studio is clean and comfortable and is designed to invite the student to relax and to learn how to express themselves artistically.  

drawing on paper
picture of Andrew Trosmans and daughter

Andrew Trosmans was born and raised in the coastal town of Corpus Christi, Texas and studied theater and art at the University of Texas in Austin.  Various artistic pursuits led to him becoming a Production Designer in Los Angeles where he cultivated an innate ability to compile and curate various elements into one cohesive visual expression. After a strong career in the film and print industry, Andrew found himself just as burned out as he was successful. It was then that he took his artistic abilities and channeled them into painting, studying at the Mission Renaissance Fine Art Academy in Pasadena California.  He took class upon class and workshop upon workshop and soon became director at two private art schools in Southern California where his true passion was revealed:  teaching.  In both painting and in his teaching, Andrew finds meaning in the challenge to see beyond what is in front of him, to see all the colors that exist to make up a single object.  To find the softness and hardness, the light and the dark and how best to convey those on canvas.
Andrew firmly believes that given the right tools and skills, anyone can learn how to express themselves artistically.  He teaches the way the masters created, focusing on three simple concepts:  line, value and color. 

Fine Art Studio of San Antonio
1836 Nacogdoches Rd
San Antonio, TX 78209